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Flat Earth
Picture this...you're living at the beginning of year One, when most people still believe that the Earth is flat. One day, someone approaches you, telling you that the Earth isn't flat but round.

How would you have reacted, you think? Would you have declared the messenger crazy, like everybody else? Or would you have listened to him, to hear how he came up with that bizarre idea?

This website is for that last category of people!

Open Mind
Okay, so you're saying that in principle you're open to other ideas. Let's put that to the test straight away ;)

Below are 10 theses. Please have a read through.

  1. The universe is teeming with life, and many alien civilizations are millions of years ahead of us in their technological and spiritual development.

  2. Alien visitors have been coming to Earth longer than humans have been living here, but a universal law dictates that a lower civilization should be left alone.

  3. Some higher technology, like free energy, anti-gravity techniques and vibrational techniques that cure diseases or make matter unsteady, are also known on Earth. But this is kept secret.

  4. The most powerful people in the world form a criminal cabal that practices devil-worship and is actively abusing the people, keeping them ignorant, frightening them and poisoning them.

  5. Our Earth is about 600 billion years old (including the gas phase). She is, like most other planets and moons, hollow on the inside and is (also) inhabited on the inside. Because of the centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation she annually grows a few inches, making the continents drift apart.

  6. Everything is made by, and is part of, the Creator who experiences itself through countless different forms of life and universes. Each universe has at least one God who co-created that universe and manages it.

  7. All matter is light-energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. Full consciousness exists in this energy and this is why matter can be influenced by DNA or the human brain for example. All knowledge, thoughts and intentions on a planet together form the collective consciousness. Our society is a reflection of our collective consciousness.

  8. Modern man is the result of genetical experiments performed a long time ago by a negative alien race on the indigenous people in the south of Africa. The adjustments in their DNA made us slavish, prone to diseases and they limited our consciousness.

  9. The soul of a human being passes through hundreds of lifetimes in which it experiences all aspects of life and the moral spectrum, making it develop spiritually. In between, souls reside in heaven, where they evaluate completed lives and plan new lives, with the help of their spirit guides.

  10. All life is moving in cycles of different lengths. Currently, Earth is in a process that's called Ascension, in which a cycle of duality is coming to an end and an harmonious era begins in a higher dimension.

So...what do you think? Interesting theses, or impossible nonsense? In case of the latter, you might want to consider carrying on browsing the net, because these are the contents of this site! :) And these theses are all true.

No, not kidding, we're serious.

The powerful media

Ask yourself this: what would I know about the world without the media? The answer probably is: not so much. You've read your schoolbooks, maybe some other books, you've done some traveling and heard travel stories from friends, but that's about it. Right? The influence from the media on your world view therefore is huge. Almost everything that you know about society, life in your country and other countries, the history of the world and everything that is out there, came to you through the media.

In other words: if all of the media were working together, they might make you believe in something that doesn't exist at all, and hide things from you that do exist. It doesn't sound plausible, but it's possible. True or false?

Did you know that the biggest media companies, and press agencies like Reuters and Associated Press, are owned by a very small group of people, that all know each other very well? And that this same very small group of people for example also owns the American Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) and the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world?

We're not making this up, investigate it. These institutions are all in the hands of families like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Morgans and more with those kinds of familiar names.

Next question: who do you think founded the big international organisations like the United Nations, the NATO, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Health Organisation?

Believe it or not, they are those exact same names!

And to make it even crazier: who do you think makes up the top of secret societies like the Freemasons, direct religious institutions like the Vatican and have single-handedly educated almost all current world leaders? Yep, you already guessed it, (ultimately) it is the same very small group of people.

Who could it be...? The illuminati!

This small group forms a brotherhood that call themselves the 'illuminati'. The core consists of 13 enormously rich families. When it comes to wealth they make Bill Gates look like a poor devil, but yet they hardly ever appear in the news (surely the fact that they decide what the media report about wouldn't have anything to do with that?). They have formed a worldwide network that includes almost every organisation that holds a certain power. From government leaders to secret services, and from universities to restaurant chains like McDonald's. You wouldn't believe your eyes if you lined up all the illuminati-institutions.

If you are starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, don't panic, because you have nothing to worry about. Why, we'll explain later.

Well, this cabal also controls all the big media (except the internet) and makes sure that your world view is limited to the things they want you to know. But that view is not the truth. The truth is much bigger, as you could already tell by our theses. In fact the truth is so much bigger, that for most people their lives would change completely if it all got out at once.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are other ways to obtain useful information apart from the regular media, especially since the coming of the internet. In countries like India and Tibet and amongst many indigenous people all over the world you can find information that is almost unknown in the West. Like the ancient Sumerian texts for example. Through the years many people have published valuable information that the regular media have hardly paid any attention to. Like, for example, whistleblowers from secret services and the 'black ops' circuit (secret projects from the government), advanced scientists, people with near-death-experiences, people who can communicate with extraterrestrials or ghosts of the deceased, mediums and regression therapists.

International Group
We are an international group of researchers who are not hindered by dogmas or professional distortion. Our only tool is our common sense. We come from all walks of life (from doctors to teachers and from translators to painters) and our most important similarity is that we are curious and open minded. For years we have conducted a study of all these sources mentioned above. Just like many other people who realised that it is better to turn off your tv and cancel your newspaper if you really want to learn something, we came to the conclusion that the picture that the media is painting us, isn't right at all. The way things actually work in our world and everything around it make up one big puzzle that turns out to be a perfect fit.

This website is that ready-to-use puzzle!

For starters, let's sum up the whole story on one A4, for those who want to know everything in five minutes :)

If it doesn't directly match your own world view, no problem! Just put it to rest for a while. According to some scientists the adjusting of ones world view runs through the pain centre in the brain, and obviously we don't want our site to cause you a headache ;)
If you have read through everything, checked our sources and you still don't agree with us - feel free to write to us! Maybe we can learn something from you.

Okay, here we go...

Life is infinite

Life is infinite, throughout the universe it is teeming with life. Not only in this universe, but also in the trillions of other universes, that together make up the cosmos. Whatever you can think of exists. From planets that still have dinosaurs living on them, to human civilizations that are so highly evolved that they don't even need a body or planet anymore, and just move through infinity as a group consciousness.

The Creator
Everything is created by the Creator, who is not the same as God. There are several Gods, at least one for each universe. You could say that a God is the manager of a universe, who together with the Creator has created that universe and looks after it. Each universe has its own laws of nature, universal laws and rules. Universal laws are divine laws that always apply. Universal rules, however, are agreed upon by the inhabitants. Some important universal laws are the Law of Attraction, the Law of Grace and the Law of Harmony. Furthermore, our universe is characterized by the Law of Free Will, which means that everyone can do what they want.

An important universal rule is the Law of Non-Interference. This rule means that a higher civilization does not interfere with the evolution of a lower one, unless this is necessary or an order by God. That's why alien visitors don't land on Earth en masse to introduce themselves to us. Their ships however are spotted regularly by amateur filmers and pilots among others, because we receive ongoing visits.

Our planet contains many traces of visitors of "high descent" in the form of bones, artifacts, landscape decorations, crop circles and pyramids. The first alien visitors landed millions of years ago on our planet, and since then they have been coming and going. The current world civilization is the third that has ever existed. From the first, named Hybornea, little is known. But about the second, that included Atlantis and Lemuria, numerous books have been written and many people still remember things from past lifetimes.

The Soul
A soul goes through hundreds, sometimes even thousands of lifetimes during its evolution. The purpose of each lifetime is to experience new aspects of life, and to learn lessons from it. After each lifetime the soul returns to heaven, where the life is evaluated. Then it decides what lessons still need to be learned in a next lifetime. These can be very simple lessons, but still some souls take many lifetimes to learn them. For example: share what you have as much as possible with others. Once a soul has learned enough, it moves on to a higher dimension, to evolve further. So on and so on, until eventually it becomes one again with the source, the Creator. Each planet has its own heaven. Ours is called Nirvana by the inhabitants themselves.

Whenever a soul reincarnates, it goes through a "veil of forgetfulness". It doesn't remember anything previous until it returns to heaven again. Everyone has a guardian angel and accompanying spirit guides, that protect them and help them as much as possible with their evolution. This does not usually happen as plain as day, but through subtle inspiration, feelings, and opportunities that are created.

Our heaven is in the fourth dimension, near the Earth, which is now still in the third dimension. By dimension we don't mean the dimensions that are usually used on Earth (length, width, depth etc.) but the density, or the frequency at which the energy vibrates. The higher the dimension, the higher the vibration and the lighter everything is. By universal standards the third dimension is primitive and heavy. There are more than ten dimensions. Things do not have a soul like humans and animals, but they do have consciousness. Stars, oceans and grains of sand know just as well what they are as you and I. That is because all matter is just energy that vibrates on a certain frequency, and full consciousness exists in energy. Even all thoughts, intentions and emotions from everyone are known.

The fact that we humans do not know these sorts of things, is because there is a brain involved. A brain begins at zero at the start of a new life, and therefore has to learn everything by itself. So actually we would be 'better' off without a brain. But then we would be all-knowing, and that's not the intention of a Creator who wants to keep experiencing itself time and again.

The energy that forms the basis of all matter, is the energy of light. Light is the same energy as love, in a somewhat different form. So ultimately everything is made up of nothing else but love, and that's because everything is part of the Creator, who is pure love. In this way the Creator experiences itself in an endless variety of forms, vibrations, scents and colours. That is why the "Law of One" is such an important Universal Law. It means that, although everything seems separate from each other, in reality everything is connected with each other and is really One.

Everything in the universe originated from an idea (what we call the Big Bang) and evolves in such a way that eventually, after billions of years, it will all become one again with the Source. After a period of rest, a new cycle will start.

All life moves in cycles of different lengths. Some last a few thousand years, others millions of years. Just like the four seasons on Earth, each cycle has its own character. What's extraordinary about the time that we are living in now, is that there are multiple cycles drawing to an end at the same time. That happened "officially" on the 21st of December 2012, as the famous Mayan calendar shows. On this date the age of Aquarius began, which has to do with the position of the Earth's axis in relation to the constellations of Pisces and Aquarius. The different character of the new cycle is caused by energies that are emitted by the central sun of the universe, which contain the blueprint of all life.

These energies have been reaching the Earth for some time now and are making sure that the consciousness of life on our planet is being raised. This causes more and more people to discover the truth about all kinds of matters that can also be found on this site, in other words to wake up. This translates into protests against "the system" all over the world and an enormous growth in spiritual sites on the web, among other things. This influx of energies reached a peak by the end of 2012, which will make the Earth move into the fourth dimension at some point in the near future. This transition takes place all over the universe and is an important event, because a lot of things will change in the next cycle. For the Earth it means that a cycle of duality (good and bad within one society) comes to an end and an harmonious era begins, that for most part will take place in the fifth dimension. This transition is called "Ascension".

Our Earth is a living being with a soul, just like us. What makes the coming Ascension extra special, is that Mother Earth has chosen a unique variant. Usually a transition to another cycle/dimension is coupled with a cleansing of the planet, in the form of devastating natural disasters, so that little remains of the old world and a fresh start can be made. But the Earth has chosen to go from the third to the fifth dimension with her inhabitants on it.

Ascending with a whole civilization at once is a complex matter. The inhabitants have to go through a lot of changes, both physically and spiritually, to prosper in the higher dimensions. With this we get the help of highly evolved extraterrestrial civilizations. To respect the Law of Non-Interference as much as possible, an ingenious plan was prepared, that provided for many souls without karma (for example souls that originate directly from the Source, angels, souls from higher civilizations and higher dimensions etc.) to incarnate on Earth. Their job was to spread the light here, in the form of love and knowledge. This is how the collective consciousness is being raised, and since the collective consciousness creates our reality, a situation is being created in which Ascension becomes possible for plenty of people.

All these 'pure' souls heeded a universal call from God. They offered themselves as volunteers, out of love for Mother Earth and for their own spiritual evolution. Many of these souls had regrets once they experienced physically (having a physical body was new to many of these souls!) what kind of a harsh and slow world they had incarnated into. Some have dropped out, but most have persevered, so the Ascension process is now in full swing.

Galactic Federation of Light
The alien civilizations that came to help us with this, through the adjustment of our DNA, the restraining of natural disasters, the offering of knowledge and the containment of the militant elite, are united in a kind of United Nations of space. This organization is called the "Galactic Federation of Light". Not only are these nations spiritually far ahead of us, allowing them, for example, to only communicate telepathically and to create things purely through the strength of their thoughts, but also technologically. They can do things our scientists can only dream about, although the black ops circuit (secret projects from our governments) already work with some of these techniques on a lower level. This concerns matters like (de)materialising, interdimensional traveling through which space traveling and time traveling also become possible, anti-gravity-techniques, living robots and living lightships, full control over energy through which, for example, food or propulsion can be created from air etc.

However, the Divine Plan for Ascension was not the only reason for the intervention from aliens with our civilization in the past decades. It was also necessary to save our planet from an early death. If it was up to our rulers, we would not have even made it to the year 2012. The Earth has always been monitored from a distance by the Galactic Federation to let our civilization evolve in all peace and quiet (well...). But halfway through the last century their attention on us strongly increased. That was when they, just like Mother Earth herself, were shocked by the speed at which mankind was busy destroying the planet. Especially the dropping of the two nuclear bombs on Japan by the Americans, sent a shockwave through the entire Milky Way. But also the plundering, polluting and wrecking of the planet through warfare, oil recovery, deforestation and industrialisation, made the Earth realise that without help she wouldn't survive.

God heard her call for help, and by decree gave permission to higher civilizations to help us in a way that would least disturb our natural evolution. The civilizations that are now the most active participants in the execution of this decree, are mostly those that are closest to us, both in distance and in descent (and therefore appearance). They come from planets and moons around stars like Arcturus, Sirius and the Pleiades. About 40% of the Galactic Federation is human, the rest consists of other races and light beings.

The Earth
The Earth is also being called "Terra", "Gaia" or (especially in the past) "Shan" in the universe, and is one of the most beautiful planets that exist. She is much older than most terrestrial scientists think, because she also knew a gas phase of hundreds of billions of years.

The Earth is just like most other planets and moons, hollow on the inside. The Earth's crust is about 700 miles thick, and the gravity is in this crust. There are some tunnels that lead from the outside of the Earth to the inside. On both poles there's also a hundreds of miles big, round opening in the crust, that is visible on satellite photographs (that are never released to the public). Most planets, like for example Venus and Saturn, are being inhabited on the inside. Our planet too. In the interior of the Earth lives a highly evolved civilization, called Agartha. This ancient nation is in contact with alien civilizations and lives completely in harmony with nature. Many animal species that have been extinct for a long time on the surface are still living there, like mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers.

The Agartha-network is a melting pot of civilizations and different kinds of beings, including more than a hundred satellite cities that are located in the Earth's crust. Among them are cities that were founded by ancient civilizations that were first living on the surface, like Atlantis and Lemuria. There are species of humans living there that are much taller than our kind, up to 12 feet tall. The Agarthans also live much longer than we do, and can live to be more than 10,000 years old.

Earth spinning
The Earth has vastly increased in size in the past 200 million years. This is because of the centrifugal force of the fast rotation. In the past she only had a quarter of her current size, and she is still growing a few inches a year. Because of this, gravity used to be less in the past and this enabled very large dinosaurs to walk around, who now would unquestionably suffer from bone fractures, heart problems and muscle tears with swift movements.

Earth's population (on the outside) is being looked upon with a mixture of astonishment and incomprehension by alien civilizations and our 'inside neighbours'. On the one hand we are capable of beautiful things, like artists, musicians and craftsmen of all sorts are showing. But on the other hand we can be extremely cruel and careless, even against our own kind! We are the only civilization where money has got so much power, and where free energy still hasn't penetrated into civil society. The latter is not our fault, because many inventors like Nikola Tesla, who wanted to introduce perfectly functioning zero point-devices, were silenced by the rulers on Earth.

In the universe many species of humans exist in countless colours. Our kind, homo sapiens, is the result of genetic experiments by negative alien visitors with indigenous people over 200,000 years ago. Because we have been the direct object of so much genetic tampering by alien visitors throughout history, we now have the DNA of more than 20 alien species in us. Not only from humanoid aliens, but also from so called "Grey aliens", reptilians, felines and other sorts. Because of this, our DNA is now regarded as 'royal'.

The working of DNA is barely comprehended by our regular science. DNA communicates constantly with all forms of energy around us. On the one hand DNA dictates energy, through which it gives shape to matter. On the other hand a DNA-string is sensitive to the energy of its environment. So by radiating positive energy, you can make yourself and everything in your environment happier and healthier. DNA has a direct influence on the collective consciousness, and as mentioned earlier, our collective consciousness creates our reality. All matter is light-energy that vibrates on a certain frequency. Full consciousness exists in this energy and that's how matter can be influenced by DNA or the human brain for example. Something that we see as solid matter, like a stone, is in reality light-energy with a certain vibration. Because of this it seems to scientists that after molecules, atoms, electrons and even smaller particles, 'nothing' remains, but that 'nothing' is light.

Actually you could say that: matter = energy = light = love = consciousness = souls = God = everything. Hence the Law of One! :)

You can look at the collective consciousness as a field that surrounds the planet, and in which everything is known. It is the sum of all human energy on the planet, like thoughts, intentions, knowledge and emotions. It creates the world that fits with it. It can be influenced by consciously creating thoughts and feelings.

All these matters are a piece of cake for higher civilizations. That this is not the case on Earth, is for the most part to blame on the elite.

When hearing the word 'elite' most people think of a group of rich people who entertain themselves with fancy parties and horse racing, but it is something entirely different. The real elite, at least the part that calls itself the 'illuminati' ("the enlightened") , consists of a core of 13 immensely rich, zionist families. They have names like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, Bruce, De Medici, Windsor etc. They are supported by 300 other families, often with well known names like Bush, Ford, Roosevelt, Agnelli, Kuhn, Loeb, Montgomery, Morgan, Schiff etc. Surrounding them are a whole lot of people who have a lust for power like Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffet etc. Together they practically control all the power and money in the world. They run countless organisations and orders, like the Vatican, the United Nations, the World Bank, the NSA, the CIA, NASA, Bilderberg, Thule, Skull & Bones and many others.

For hundreds of years the illuminati have been working on a secret agenda that will bring them in small steps to a so called "New World Order". They don't have any respect for human life and are corrupt to the bone. The bloodlines of these families go back to Babylonian times and they keep these lines as pure as possible by continuously marrying among themselves. They also form the top of the most powerful organisation in the world, the Freemasonry.

Their origin is not human, but alien. Over 4,000 years ago a group of reptilians started with their plan to conquer the Earth unseen. There are also peaceful reptilian civilizations in the universe, but these were negative ones. This draconian race sees humans only as food and to take their sexual lusts out on. They are living in the third and in the fourth dimension. The energy that a human being radiates when in fear, is considered a delicacy by them. They are mentally and physically enormously powerful beings that also exist in all sorts of hybrid (human/reptilian) forms. Often they know the art of shapeshifting and carry both a human and reptilian DNA package which they can switch between. They are the most negative beings in this universe, judging from human standards they are intensely evil and unscrupulous.

Their actions are mostly kept from our eyes because they generally hide themselves deep in underground cities (that are not part of the Agartha-network!). Although reptilians can get to be thousands of years old, the purest reptilians have disappeared from the Earth by now. That's because of the increasing vibration of our planet in the run up to Ascension which beings with a low vibration like them can't handle. However, there are still hybrids and other negative aliens left, like the Greys.

September 11
Whoever studies the deeds of the illuminati through the years, gets the feeling that indeed it can't be human what's behind them. Their works include the creating of world wars and "terrorist" attacks like September 11, the sickening of the population through chemtrails, poisonous medicines and carcinogenic food like McDonald's and KFC, the organising of occult gatherings, manhunts, bloodrituals and sex orgies full of child abuse, the murdering of good willing politicians and even pop artists. Almost all bad things that have happened in the history of the world, can ultimately be ascribed to the account of this group.

The influence from the negative aliens may have decreased, but the power system that they have put in place on Earth, is still standing. It is maintained by millions of employees, from secret services to multinationals, who are willing to do everything to prevent the truth from coming out.

Now, what is the miraculous thing about all of this? That everything has been planned this way. The Earth was meant to serve as a prison planet in this cycle, a planet that was in quarantine from the civilizations around us. A place where all sorts of negative karma could be dissolved, where negative souls were sent, to remove their trouble and where other souls could experience duality, because a soul learns a lot from that. So, to a certain extent all these dark powers were allowed to go ahead, until the cycle of Pisces was over.

And that moment is almost here, because soon the Golden Era will begin. It will be a time of love and harmony, and full consciousness. Contact with other galactic civilizations and spirits, from deceased loved ones for example, will be very common, as will visits to Agartha or planets far outside our solar system. Until that time the illuminati will do everything to prevent these changes, but this will be in vain, because universal cycles can not be stopped by anybody. They are the will of God...and will be done.

Well...that's about it. Are you still there? :) Looks like it. Good!

As you can see, we have placed a number of links in this A4. You can click on them to go to a Smaller Picture about a certain subject. Once you know enough, you can always return to this A4, that is:

The Greater Picture.

The Greater Picture

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