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Extraterrestrial Life

The universe is teeming with life. Life is endless, not merely in this universe, but in other universes as well. Together they form the cosmos. Everything you could possibly imagine, exists somewhere in the cosmos. From planets where dinosaurs are still alive, to human civilizations which are so highly developed they no longer need a body or planet, and merely move through space as a group consciousness.

You're wondering where there's proof for this? Everywhere, except in the mainstream media. If you ask your friends or acquaintances, there will most likely be someone who has seen 'something'. When searching online, you will not only find countless videos and photos, but also many testimonies of people who have seen UFOs, have telepathic contact with extraterrestrial beings, have had physical contact with them, have been kidnapped by them, or who have lived on another planet in a previous life themselves.

"It's all fake!!" some people say. But these are rarely people who have seriously investigated it. Because whoever takes the time to watch some videos and visit websites about this topic, will probably start to suspect that there is something more than the Six O'Clock News would have you believe.

And what's fascinating is that the more material you read and watch, the more complete the greater picture becomes. You watch a Swiss farmer tell something which links perfectly to what an American businessman has experienced. An Australian actress who can do channeling provides information which is then endorsed by a Mexican worker, who took photos of lightships and says to be in telepathic contact with them. And there are hundreds of others as well, people who have never met each other, with completely different backgrounds and residences and in different eras. The pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly.

Are these people you could suspect of sneakily searching for their 15 minutes of fame and therefore making up the entire story? Not usually (according to us, those types are generally more likely to appear in the mainstream media). They are nearly always normal people like you and I, who have never been in front of a camera before and genuinely wish to share their story, without it bringing anything in. They are often somewhat dazed because of their experience, sometimes with the consequence that their entire life is turned upside-down. Because the community they live in doesn't always react very sympathetically to such stories.

The story of Eduard "Billy" Meier, a Swiss farmer with one arm, is one of the best documented UFO testimonies of modern history

The story of Eduard "Billy" Meier, a Swiss farmer with one arm, is one of the best documented UFO testimonies of modern history (1).

He produced countless photos, videos, audio recordings and other concrete evidence of his many meetings with his extraterrestrial visitors, among which this photo above of a Pleiadian "beamship" (2).

He wrote hundreds of pages about his experiences and the information the Pleiadians gave him, which are known as "The Contact Notes" (3)

  If aliens exist, why can't I see them?

There are various reasons for this. The most important one is the Law of Non-Interference, a universal rule which implies that higher civilizations visiting another planet with a less developed population interfere with them as little as possible. This does not mean that they don't visit us, because they do. Earth is an extremely interesting planet, especially in this time. And they have contact with individuals here and there, either directly or telepathically, but open contact with the entire population doesn't happen yet. That is why the largest part of all true UFO sightings take place at a rather large distance. UFOs nearby usually don't belong to extraterrestrial visitors but are made on earth or by a computer (CGI).

Peaceful space travelers nearly always stick to the Law of Non-Interference, but there are also less friendly visitors who couldn't care less about this law. Today they can no longer visit Earth because the high civilizations take care that the end time on Earth goes as planned, but in the past they had free play. Yet they too preferred not to be seen by the masses, because they wished to execute their dark activities in secret. For the people would probably not appreciate it if they knew who was responsible for so many diseases, murders, wars, poverty, lost children, disasters and other distress.

A third reason for not seeing our visitors is that it is child's play for them to make their space ships invisible, or to take on a different personal shape. Reptilians do this by switching between the human and their own DNA packages they carry within them, but the spiritually highly developed civilizations have so much control over energy that they can change their appearance by one single thought. It has often been confirmed that numerous people who live among us are not from our planet. Many extraterrestrial visitors also come from higher dimensions than ours. They can see us (and, for example, walk through walls easily), but we can't see them.

What view emerges from all the testimonies?

The view that life in the omniverse knows an endless variation. No matter how big or small, what colour, development or personality you could possibly imagine, it all exists somewhere in the cosmos. When looking at the direct environment around Earth in the lower dimensions, which we live in as well, the intelligent forms of life can roughly be divided into several species, namely:
  1. Humanoids
  2. Greys
  3. Reptilians
  4. Insectoids
  5. Feline race
  6. Amphibians
  7. Birdmen
Space inhabitants

(unfortunately they generally don't like to have their picture taken, so we'll have to make do with drawing based on testimonies)

There are also various hybrids and, as has been said, from a certain spiritual development onwards 'appearance' becomes a relative term, but these are the main categories we know. Most kinds are benevolent, but a number of them behave negatively or indifferently towards us humans.

Throughout history they have all left their traces on Earth, which is why there are various animals that look like them. It is a tradition of many spacefaring nations in the universe to 'seed' primitive planets, as it is called. They visit the planet, add some flora and fauna that has been taken along on their immense spaceships, meddle a little genetically with the present life forms, and then leave again. Subsequently, they let nature take its course and thousands of years later come back to take a look, to see how things have developed.

Battle between light and darkness

The most negative consequences our planet has experienced, appear to be from humanoid visitors from the Sirius B star system (the one with the long skulls), reptilians from the Draco constellation, and the Anunnaki, a humanoid/reptilian hybrid from the Orion constellation. This is the reason why references to these stars can be found at many pyramids and other old places.

Up to a certain level these negative races work together and they conquered hundreds of planets and civilizations. They formed a powerful empire. They fought wars of hundreds of thousands of years with the positive races, which worked together as a kind of United Nations in space, called the Galactic Federation of Light.

When the dark empire realised that the technological development within the Galactic Federation went much faster than theirs and the battle could never be won, they laid down arms and many negative races moved over to the Light. This was also because the nearing Ascension forced them to take measures, because creatures with a vibration that is too low cannot ascend. Only a few rebelling fractions remained, spread throughout the universe, including our planet.

The humanoids

Humankind exists in countless colours and sizes. The Pleiadians (inhabitants of star cluster the Pleiades) told Billy Meier that our universe contains over 8 billion planets with human life. There are more than 40,000 subspecies in over two hundred colours. Human life can also be found in other universes and if you consider that according to Pleiadian estimation there are around 10 to the power of 49 universes (in other words, 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000), you will understand that cataloguing all these species is impossible.

Our own kind here on Earth, homo sapiens, has not undergone a natural development. We are the result of genetic intervention by extraterrestrial visitors on primitive inhabitants of earth 200,000 years ago (4). Because we have been the direct object of genetic tampering by many extraterrestrial visitors throughout history, we now contain DNA from over 20 extraterrestrial species. Not merely of extraterrestrial humanoids, but also of so-called "grey aliens", reptilians, feline people and other species. If we wanted to, we could also reproduce with all these species. According to contactee Alex Collier our DNA is therefore seen as 'royal' (5). The only species we have too little in common with for this, are the insectoids.

Apart from a unique DNA, however, these genetic interferences have done us more harm than good. Because, among other effects, our short life spans, our large receptiveness for diseases, our docility, our slow spiritual development and our limited consciousness are the consequences of this.
The four largest human races we know here on Earth, caucasian, negroid, oriental and latino, are all the consequence of extraterrestrial visitors who have left behind their traces outwardly. The latinos are the oldest species, and according to Alex Collier it is actually unknown which extraterrestrial people is responsible for the oriental species.

Venusian friend of Howard Menger, Dolores Barrios Valiant Thor, an ambassador from the planet Venus who stayed in the Pentagon for three years at the end of the fifties to negotiate with the American government about a plan for peace on Earth - to no avail. Left of Thor are two of his Venusian companions

We don't have to look far to find the closest humanoids in space, because those are the Venusians. Just as all other planets, Venus is hollow on the inside. A human civilization lives there which has already developed itself to the fifth dimension. Venusians have the same origins as we do (the Vega constellation) and therefore feel very involved with us. In order to visit Earth they have to lower their vibration, and then they look nearly exactly like us. Left: Dolores Barrios, a Venusian friend of Howard Menger.

Right: Valiant Thor, an ambassador from the planet Venus who stayed at the Pentagon for three years at the end of the fifties, to negotiate with the American government about a plan for peace on Earth - to no avail. Left of Thor are two of his Venusian companions.

Anyone who wishes to know more about life on/in Venus, will certainly be interested in the interviews with Omnec Onec. She came to Earth as a child, for karmic reasons and to help the people here with their spiritual development. She wrote a book about this and still lives in America.

  Right now our Earth is going through a process called "Ascension". This means she is on her way to a higher dimension, just as the rest of the universe. To do this, she receives help from many highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations, who also help the earthlings as much as possible with their spiritual development. The goal is to raise our vibration to such an extent that we can go to the fifth dimension.

The extraterrestrial civilizations are united in the Confederation. These peoples are spiritually enormously ahead of us, which means they can, for example, communicate telepathically and create things simply through the power of their thoughts. They are also way ahead of us technologically. They can do things our scientists literally cannot accomplish in a million years, such as (de)materialising, traveling interdimensionally (which also makes traveling through space and time easier), anti-gravitity techniques, living robots and living lightships, complete control over energy through which, for example, food or force is created from air, etc.

Lightship filmed by the Mexican worker Carlos Diaz near Tepoztl´┐Żn in Mexico Lightship that was seen in 2007 near the Dutch village of Hoogkerk, about which the local newspaper wrote an article

The lightships that are filmed and photographed by the Mexican worker Carlos Diaz (left), look exactly like the lightships that were seen in 2007 near the Dutch village of Hoogkerk, about which the local newspaper wrote an article (right)


The coming Ascension had a less pleasant aspect for some people. Especially from the sixties to the eighties many people came forward claiming to have been kidnapped by aliens (6). The controlled media mostly tried to dispose of these stories as being mental abnormalities, but there were so many testimonies that some scientists did serious research on it (7), (8). Especially the fact that also many children told their parents about little creatures that entered their bedrooms at night and took them to their space ship for various strange experiments caught people's attention (9).

Many adults who had been abducted remembered that certain actions had been performed on them which appeared to be aimed at reproduction. This happened while they were held in some sort of sleep state. Pregnancies were created (10) and also ended months later, egg-cells and sperm were removed, and in the ships people saw odd laboratories with large test tubes containing growing fetuses.

The view that emerged from channeled messages and explanations by contactees and people from the black ops circuit, was that these abductions were executed by the Greys. This is the extraterrestrial race that is often characterized in films and media, with tiny bodies, large heads and large, almond-shaped black eyes. This civilization, originating from the Zeta Reticuli star system and therefore also called Zetas, has sworn off normal reproduction thousands of years ago and has shifted to cloning.

A disadvantage of cloning was that the artificially created new beings no longer had a soul. As soon as the news of the universal Ascension got through to this people, they panicked. Because they understood that creatures without a soul could not ascend, as the vibration of someone's soul determines in which dimension he will continue after the Ascension. So, they saw the extinction of nearly their entire people loom up.

They decided to create a new race that was half Zeta and half of a different species, which would hopefully be able to continue their culture after the Ascension. In order to do this, they searched for an underdeveloped (and defenseless) people with a strong DNA, and the choice soon fell on the inhabitants of planet Earth. A secret deal was made with the rulers on our planet (11), which gave the Greys permission for genetic experiments with earthlings in exchange for high technology.

These experiments on humans and animals (12) on Earth continued for several dozens of years. Apparently they indeed created one or more new hybrid species into which human souls did want to incarnate. And so the operation was a success (13) and the abductions stopped nearly entirely.


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