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Free Energy

Free Energy
In the universe, free energy (zero point energy) is a given. That's not surprising, because everything is energy, as Einstein already discovered (E = mc2). And every form of energy can be converted into another form of energy (electricity for example), by adjusting the frequency on which the energy moves. That's because the basic energy for every element is the same, namely the energy of light/love. Just like you can break down a little house of lego and make a little puppet out of it.

According to extraterrestrial sources that are in contact with earthlings (whether through channeling or not), we're one of the few civilizations that have reached such a high level, where free energy still hasn't penetrated into civil society. That's not our fault, because many inventors like Nikola Tesla, who had developed perfectly working zero point energy devices and wanted to introduce them to the public, were silenced by the powerful illuminati. Tesla invented several ways to generate free energy, including some kind of box that could produce electricity out of thin air (1).

Magnetic motor

The simplest way to produce free energy, is through a magnetic motor. Anyone can make this, simply by sticking a few of the same magnets alongside the edge of a round disc and by leaving a minimum of one open space. When you place that disc upon an axis and hold a large magnet to it, it will rotate eternally (or at least for 1,300 years, the lifespan of an average magnet).

The vortex that's being created by the empty spaces, ensures enough speed to keep the disc rotating and offers residual energy on top of that, that can be used for other things. The working of this principle was demonstrated by the American entrepreneur and researcher George Green (2). On YouTube you can find a few more examples of this principle (3) and if you do a bit of research yourself, you will find how many variations there are of this simple magnetic motor.

Magnetic motor

The uncomplicated principle of the eternally rotating magnetic motor: small magnets in a circle, larger magnet in the middle (or on the outside). Pay attention to the empty space top right between the magnets, that creates the vortex

  Physics students across the world are quite regularly making this "discovery" again, but nobody can do anything with it. All schools and universities that are connected with the so called Alumni network of knowledge - and almost all of them are - make sure that these kinds of discoveries aren't brought out into the open, to protect the establishment. In return for this they annually receive a generous sponsorship amount.

Anyone who tries to make his discovery known to the world, needs the media, and these are also being controlled by the illuminati. If you want to raise funds to market this invention yourself, you usually need a bank. Since the banking world is being controlled by the illuminati family Rothschild, no bank will grant their cooperation to this.

Anyone who does succeed in bringing this invention into development, won't have to wait long until he gets the lawyers of the powerful oil companies at his doorstep. They then threaten with lawsuits, because they own the patents of these inventions (but of course don't do anything with it).

Or you get a visit from the secret service that points to the existence of the U.S. Invention Secrecy Act (or its equivalent in other countries). This is a law that prevents inventors from coming out with inventions that could potentionally harm "National Security" (4).

Since the decision whether a particular invention may or may not be a danger to "National Security" is made entirely by the secret service itself and the inventor has nothing to say about it, it's a piece of cake to simply brand everything as such that they don't like in one way or another. Therefore, the counter of these prohibited inventions is now at over 5,000.

In the unlikely event that an inventor manages to bypass all these hurdles and still comes up with a revolutionary invention, he is then bought off, threatened or killed (usually in this order) (5), (6) to stop his efforts.

Types of Free Energy

There are other free energy techniques, like radiant energy, super-efficient electrolysis and cold fusion. Peter Lindemann has listed a few of them (7). In this piece he also explains why we still have to work with fossil fuels like oil and coal.

That's basically the only thing you need to know about free energy: there are many possibilities to create it, it's the marketing that's the problem.

Once the illuminati lose their power, our oil based society will change quickly. Since production- and transportation systems will be much cheaper, this will most likely mean the end of hunger and scarcity in the world. It has already been proven that the Earth in principle can produce enough for 10 to 20 billion inhabitants, so there's enough for everybody. Everyone can suffice with only a few hours of work per week, to keep everything going. Just like they do in many alien civilizations.


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