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Cures for Diseases

According to the mainstream media, mankind is constantly under threat from the most horrible diseases. It seems like every time you turn on your tv, yet another creepy virus or bacteria (preferably resistant) is discovered. Or a lethal variant of the flu, or another danger that could potentially harm humanity. Whoever takes all these reports seriously, is kept in an almost continuous state of fear.

If the people knew that the biggest pharmacy companies, media concerns and press agencies like Reuters are all owned by the illuminati, and that they use fear as their most important weapon to control the population, they would most likely have a totally different perspective on all those diseases. Anyone who looks a little further and reads about the power of positive energy (1), understands that not these diseases, but in fact the fear of them is the biggest culprit. Because fear makes us ill, and the thing that we fear the most, we attract, according to the Universal Law of Attraction.

If you understand how the elite collaborate to keep the people ignorant and weak, and exploit them financially, you will also understand that almost every medicine has side effects that necessitate additional medicines. And that independent tests on vaccines show the presence of hazardous substances that should not be in there at all, like living viruses, mercury and aluminum hydroxide, that destroys the vitamin D in your body (vital for a healthy immune system). And that no one has ever gotten AIDS from HIV, but many did from the medicines against HIV.

"There is no money in healthy people or dead people. The money is in sick people." - Bill Maher

Then it suddenly becomes clear why institutions in control like the United Nations, the WHO, and the FDA, don't strongly advise against the use of vaccines and medicines, but on the contrary, encourage their use (2). This is because these organizations as well are completely controlled by the illuminati. A body like the FDA, that should protect the health of the people, has a long record of not protecting, but destroying people's health! The amount of human suffering they have caused through their actions in the US, for instance by mercilessly attacking doctors who had found revolutionary cures for cancer, is almost beyond belief (3).

Whoever wants to stay healthy, preferably stays away from medicines as much as they can. Of course there are medicines that are conscientiously developed, and really work. But, when medicines are prescribed, in any case try to get some information on the matter, and determine if there are better, natural solutions.

Can't you get ill if you live as healthy as possible? Sure you can, because the illuminati did not rush to figure out methods of keeping the population as weak as possible. Here we described some of those methods already. It is done through artificially fabricated flu viruses, chemtrails, clothing, toothpaste (4), amalgam fillings in your teeth, fast food (5) or "light" products - any way to confront you with poison. This way your immune system is tainted slowly but surely, and that causes cancer. The effectiveness of their methods is reflected in the fact that cancer was previously an uncommon disease, but nowadays almost one in two people will be affected by it in their life.

A group of giant tortoises. They are not vaccinated against diseases as a child, use no medicines and never visit the family doctor. Still they are, like most other animals, far less often ill than we in our 'health care society'. Should that not be the other way round?

A group of giant tortoises. They are not vaccinated against diseases as a child, use no medicines and never visit the family doctor. Still they are, like most other animals, far less often ill than we in our "health care society". Should that not be the other way round?

  The good news in all this is, that cancer is not such a terrible disease as most people think it is. The media almost always present cancer as public enemy number one, against which almost nothing is resistant, except brutal and painful treatments like radiation and chemo. About natural medicines and the fact that cancer is by no means always lethal, but can also cure naturally, they remain silent as a grave. Yet there are many alternatives for radiation and chemo, which are much more successful. Hemp oil (6), (7), black walnut (8), apricot seeds (9) and even strawberries (10) are fine natural means in the cure and prevention of cancer.

No microwave!

Healthy nourishment is of course essential for good health. Lots of vegetables and fruit. The nutritional value of the things you eat involves the structure of the food, which is the way the molecules are placed. This structure is sensitive to the energy in its surroundings, because of the consciousness that is present in everything. For instance a simple 'Thank you' prayer before eating can improve the structure of the food.

Microwaves heat up the food by rubbing the molecules against each other, and this is devastating for the structure. Tests proved that the nutritional value can drop 95% if a microwave is used to heat it up. So, preferably warm your food in just a pan. And thank it before you eat it, then you're assured of a maximized nutritional value, which benefits your immune system.

Plants experiment

A simple way to experience how harmful the microwave can be to food, is to water your plants for a while with water that you heated up with the microwave (and of course cooled down afterwards). Look what happens to them.

A school class in Sussex, England, did a similar experiment. Two identical plants were given water each day. The left plant received water that had been in the microwave, the right plant received water that was boiled elsewhere. The results after a week are visible in the picture above (11).

Research proved that structured water, for instance tap water treated with a vitalizer, is even more healthy for living organisms (12)

Dr. Hulda Clark

Not just cancer, but also other diseases are treatable in better ways than with medicines. Medicines are almost always based on chemicals, and chemicals have no business in a human body. The American physician Dr. Hulda Clark (13) discovered that every virus or parasite that makes us ill, is an organism that vibrates on a certain frequency (like all matter). And she discovered that, if one tackles that virus with a low tension current of the same frequency, that virus can be killed. For that purpose she developed a small device, the "swing zapper", that can be ordered on the internet (14).

Additionally, she produced several books about how to keep yourself healthy, that involve no pills or syringes at all. Her treatment method caught on so well with her patients, that the American pharma bullied her out of the country and she spent the rest of her (not less successful) working life in Mexico.

The Best Medicine

The best medicine that exists, is simply available in the pharmacy, but only if the pharmacist has a crush on you. Because that medicine is called Love. Affection from loved ones makes patients wake up from a coma, love for yourself and for life has led to the most miraculous recovery processes in medical history. Anyone who is convinced that they will recover, has a far greater chance of full recovery than someone with the same ailment who is resigned to their fate.

Positive energy gives the best resilience for every living organism. That's not only proven by placebos, which by the way, nowadays work better and better (15) on account of the growing collective consciousness, but by everything around us. If you say sweet words to your plants, you will see them flourish like never before. If you expose water to positive words and freeze it, you will get the most beautiful ice crystals in return (16). Very ill people with near-death-experiences who see how a body is constructed energetically from a higher dimension, are able to approach their illness in a positive way and cure themselves (17).

Everything is energy, everything is consciousness. And consciousness works in ways that modern science is still hardly aware of. Although fortunately that's beginning to change (18).

Prove it yourself

If you don't believe this, you can try it with a simple experiment (19). It's designed by Dr. Emoto from Japan, famous for his research on the consciousness in water through ice crystals.

The experiment goes like this:

Put down three bowls of boiled rice, and put a note with a positive word ("love", "gratitude", "I love you", etc.) near the first bowl, a note with a negative word ("hate", "idiot", "you're disgusting", etc.) near the second bowl and with the third one no note at all. Let them alone for a month and watch what happens.

Guaranteed that the bowl with the positive word stays well the longest and that the bowl without a note decays the fastest. Because negative energy is still better than no energy at all, as it turns out. We tried it ourselves with rice and with oranges, just like many others on the web (20), and it always works.

Everybody who does the rice experiment, gets the same results Everybody who does the rice experiment, gets the same results
Everybody who does the rice experiment, gets the same results Everybody who does the rice experiment, gets the same results

Everybody who does the rice experiment, gets the same results

  So, go and research for yourself. Because only by figuring this out for yourself, can you get fully convinced that it's possible. Anyone who is absolutely sure of something, is not susceptible to fear anymore. You can find lots of useful sites, forums and videos on the web. Don't let yourself be talked into stories of fear by the media, by so-called experts who are sponsored by pharma, and by corrupt authorities. Make sure you become an expert yourself.


Other interesting links:
  • Instruction on how to make medicinal Hemp oil. From the description on YouTube: "Ensuring the correct dosage is used is the key to overcoming cancer and not becoming overly drowsy."
    Link not working anymore? Maybe you can still find it somewhere else on YouTube. There are also other ways of producing hemp oil that are slightly different. The hemp oil that you can buy in shops or online is usually stripped of the active cannabinoids that destroy cancer cells, so it's best to make it yourself.

  • Growing hemp is very easy nowadays through the development of autoflowering cannabis seeds over the past 10 years. As this species has automatic flowering qualities, this means that after a three-week phase, plants will enter the flowering stage regardless of the amount of light they receive. So they also grow easily under cloudy weather. As the plant stays small, it can basically be grown on any balcony.

  • Possible serious side effects Swine flu vaccine. In 2009 the illuminati released the artificially fabricated Swine flu virus onto the world. Although it concerned a virus that did not even have the power of an ordinary flu virus, it was hyped by the controlled media and the WHO to a life-threatening pandemic, against which immediate measures had to be taken. The vaccine that was made available by the pharmaceutical industry, turned out to be one of the most harmful ones until now (21).
    Link not working anymore? Maybe you can still find it somewhere else on YouTube.

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