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Everything that exists has consciousness. It can't be otherwise because everything is made of the same photons, the building blocks of light that form the basis of electrons, atoms, molecules, etc. Those building blocks are part of the Creator, who obviously is also a conscious being.

Not everything that exists, however, has the same consciousness. Plants have less consciousness than humans, and we again have less consciousness than higher beings, like many aliens and beings from higher dimensions.

I think, therefore I exist!

The Creator constantly divides countless small particles of itself that begin their long pathway of evolution. In this way the supreme being experiences itself in an endless variety of forms, vibrations, scents and colours - which is the idea behind the whole of creation.

At the moment a particle divides itself from the Creator it forms its own piece of consciousness which from that moment on could be called a soul. That soul begins its journey of exploration and wants, from that moment on, only one thing: to return to the love of the Creator, in its own way. So, it gains experiences for the rest of its existence, learns from them, and evolves itself while raising its consciousness step by step. This is how its vibration is constantly raised bit by bit, until it eventually reaches the highest vibration, and becomes One again with the Source, the Creator.

You don't just raise your vibration, that only happens when you learn how the creation works and what its purpose is. Each time that you master knowledge that's the truth, and live by it, your consciousness and vibration are raised.

"Each one of you is resonating on a frequency that they have 'become'. This changes as one's heart lifts in knowledge and understanding." - The Galactic Federation, channeled by Blossom Goodchild, July 14, 2012

Walk the talk

It's important that you really live by your knowledge and truth, because if you only take notice of it without following up on it, it doesn't change you in essence. You can, for example, just believe that we are all part of God, and therefore actually are One. But if in the meantime you happily carry on with the pursuing of a career and the gathering of possessions, without caring too much about the fate of the less fortunate, it won't affect you at all.

Or if you believe that love is the most important thing in life, but meanwhile you still hold a grudge against the people who treated you badly in the past then you won't raise your consciousness either. Only when you truly forgive everyone, and make an effort to make it up with people who maybe still carry grudges against you, then you take a new step in your development.

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it." - Mark Twain

Everything is being registered in the Akashic Records (a kind of archive of life on Earth) and by your guides. So when all is said and done, there can be no doubt about the choices that you have made.

Obviously the creating of karma should be avoided at all times. Because you carry karma with you, it therefore makes you heavier.

What's true?

Discovering the truth sounds easier than it is. Because when you encounter new information, it never comes with a warranty that it is actually the Truth. You'll have to discern that all by yourself. That's why a lot of people raise their shoulders when they hear about things that, for example, are being discussed on this site. They prefer to consider it a "hoax", "conspiracy theory" or "wooly", rather than adjusting their mindset for it.

In our world it is even more difficult than on 'normal' planets, because we're dealing with a system in which the rulers are trying to hide the truth from people on purpose because that makes us easier to control. While on most other planets the people and their representatives are working together to make life for everyone as pleasant as possible, and to share all knowledge with each other. That's why the Earth is considered a very difficult school, but it's one where you can learn a lot, if you attend successfully!

On stage for the first time

When a soul divides itself from the Source, it has to start at zero. It's still completely blank, it almost doesn't know anything. It only knows that life is divided into a backstage and a stage part, and that the stage part is the place where experiences can be gained.

Because it's never had form before, the first steps that it undertakes are experiences that don't involve a brain. It even becomes things that to our minds don't contain life at all, like a mineral, a stone, or maybe a teddy bear. All that time it experiences what it's like to have form, and it even knows what's going on around it. That goes beyond 'looking', because it also experiences the thoughts and feelings of life around it.


Especially with water, this presence of consciousness can be measured well. Water responds immediately to the energy in its environment. The Japanese scientist, Dr. Emoto, has for example, done interesting experiments with this (1) in which he showed that water crystals take on totally different shapes when they're being confronted with certain words like "love" or "idiot". You can do this experiment yourself with rice.

At the University of Stuttgart they have also made surprising discoveries in this area (2). The structure that water molecules form with each other instantly takes on a different shape when it makes contact with a certain person, or when a flower is tossed into the water, or when water is added that has a different structure.

The most beautiful water crystal that Dr. Emoto could discover was formed with the combination of words "Love and Gratitude"

The most beautiful water crystal that Dr. Emoto could discover was formed with the combination of words "Love and Gratitude"


When a soul and its guides conclude that it has learned its lesson sufficiently, it is allowed a step up. That can for example be a plant or a tree. Such a form of life already has more possibilities to respond to its environment than a mineral or a stone, and is more sensitive to the energy around it. That's why plants flourish when you're kind to them, and they're stressed when they experience negativity, for example when you threaten to burn them (3).

You can see, for example, that a plant has a limited consciousness by the way a grapevine climbs up alongside a wall or a fence, in the direction of the sun. The small tendrils with which it grips itself, often seem to miss the most beautiful points of attachment, after which it sometimes comes to hang down hopelessly.
Yet also a plant is capable of learning from its experiences. With the necessary practice you can even teach it to make music (4). A plant that has learned something can pass that learning on to the plants around it.

The tendrils of a grapevine seem to be doing something randomly and often end up tangled in each other

The tendrils of a grapevine seem to be doing something randomly and often end up tangled in each other

Great, a brain!

Once a soul has completed these lessons succesfully, it gets really interesting. It gets to incarnate as a being with a brain. Since a brain is almost always paired with mobility, it's mostly allowed to choose its own experiences from that moment on. Not only does this bring unprecedented possibilities, but also a great responsibility, since its actions now more than ever will effect life around it.

Having a brain however, doesn't just offer advantages. Because a brain begins a new life completely blank, it is an unwritten page. The experiencing of the feelings and thoughts of life around you with no effort is also no longer part of it. If you want that, you have to train your brain.
Being one with others and with God is no longer a given. When you grow up in a world where it's mostly "each for himself", like we learn here in the West, you can easily believe that that's the truth!

"The mind is the dumbest part of a human being." - Hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon

That's why it takes a soul countless incarnations to completely go through this school in the third dimension, and to achieve such a high consciousness that it is ready for a step up. Eventually almost every soul succeeds in this, and this is called "ascending". Although it is possible for a human being to take this step in the body (the book "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield among others tells about this), this rarely happens. Usually there is, as always with two successive lives, a stay backstage in between. That is, you die, go to heaven, and after that you begin the next step.

Support for the brain

Life is one long string of choices, and sometimes it's tricky for an inexperienced brain to judge what's the right choice. That's why it gets help from many corners. It sort of works like this: your current consciousness, that which you experience as "I", is your current soul. Just like the brain, it started this life blank and now it is filled out further every second of its life. But your old souls still exist in a higher dimension. Forever they make up an aspect of your oversoul, also called the "higher self" or the "higher consciousness".

Time doesn't exist in your higher consciousness, and all knowledge is freely available. That's why people who can channel their higher consciousness, like the medium Edgar Cayce in the previous century, can know exactly what's the matter with somebody when they come for a reading with them.

Those old souls communicate with you through your heart and help you to make the right choice. Also other helpers, like guides and the higher self try to make you go the right way through your heart. They form the conscience, so to speak.

The subconscious

Apart from your higher self, there is your subconscious. All you soul's experiences are stored in here, like a long movie. There are different ways to get access to your subconscious, like through hypnosis or regression therapy. Every detail is available. For example, busdrivers remember their passengers from weeks ago, when under hypnosis. Or you can go back to the time in between two lives (5), (6).

We learned from channeled sources that it's not your personality that changes much from life to life, but the circumstances. When you need to learn specific lessons your hormones can be adjusted to certain aspects of your personality. Like a production of seratonin in your glands to make you calmer and more confident in this life than the last. You will decide these things with your guides in between lives. Before you start your new incarnation everything is carefully recorded in your soul plan.

"Many things you attract in life stem from your subconscious memories. You're attracted to strange countries because your past history lives there. Your personality doesn't change fast from life to life. Until you grow up into a new way of being you'll hold on to your old ways." - SaLuSa, gechanneld door Mike Quinsey, 16 september, 2009

However it's not just good advice that sounds in the heart, sometimes old souls are scared and damaged by what they've experienced in their own lives. Even when it has been several lifetimes ago that a soul experienced something traumatic, that can still produce all sorts of "inexplicable" fears and deviations today. Dealing with it by means of a healing or therapy is the way to get rid of it.

Another noticeable aspect of reincarnation is not only mental and spiritual sides of your being starting anew, but your physical aspects can shine through as well. You can look like the person from your last life (7). Even old injuries can leave scars or physical complaints (8).
So if you suffer from such complaints and physical examinations don't give the required results, try hypno- or regression therapy.

Who you are now is the result of all your reincarnations combined.

When a brain can be brought to stillness, like during a meditation, your helpers get the chance to pass on their messages more clearly. This benefits the growth of your consciousness

When a brain can be brought to stillness, like during a meditation, your helpers get the chance to pass on their messages more clearly. This benefits the growth of your consciousness

  The afterlife

When a life ends the soul departs the dying body. It goes through the pineal gland inside the head, and it takes with it all gained experiences, thoughts and memories. People who have had a near-death-experience (9), (10), (11), (12) and (13) often describe this moment as, "my whole life flashed before my eyes".

After that, the soul finds itself in a sort of 'no man's land' for a little while. It is often described as a dark or blue/grey space with a faint light in the distance. Souls then see their own lifeless body beneath them. It can be a stunning experience especially for people who didn't believe in an afterlife during their lifetime.

Even though there are some souls who don't consider themselves ready for heaven and linger around places and people they used to know in their life, most souls see the faint light getting more and more clear. They're becoming aware of a deceased loved one or a guide who assists them into the light. Then they "cross over". In heaven they receive a grand reception from all their deceased loved ones, including their pets, and a joyful reunion follows.

Once in heaven (there are accounts of even before heaven), every soul has to evaluate its life. With this it relives not only its own experiences, but also those of all the other people who were influenced by it. This process can sometimes take a long time for people who have caused a lot of grief during their life. Once this step is completed the soul can take a rest and start making new plans for the next incarnation (5).

The stay in heaven, or "Nirvana" as they call it there themselves apparently, is a story of its own (14). Maybe we'll dedicate a separate chapter to that some time later. The most important thing to know is that a soul lives on eternally in heaven, and can fill in its existence there in all kinds of ways. It can take courses if it wants to (for example about how to communicate with loved ones who remain on Earth (15)). There's all kinds of entertainment and music that the soul can enjoy and it can visit alien civilizations if it's ready for that. When a soul reincarnates, it stays connected to the other aspects of its oversoul in Nirvana by a silvery thread.

Not everyone ends up on the same level in heaven, that happens based on your spiritual development, or vibration. You'll meet souls who are about as highly developed as you. When the time is right, the soul becomes aware of the fact that it is part of an oversoul, that contains all kinds of other souls who live in heaven too.
For those who want to know more about life in Nirvana, a book by Suzanne Ward, "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" (16) is highly recommended.

Scientific proof? No, thank you

Regular science keeps asserting that consciousness doesn't exist outside of the brain. For matters like near-death-experiences and memories of past lifetimes, that for example come up under hypnosis, they come up with the most far-fetched explanations. Also, the phenomenon of people who received a donor heart, developing other preferences or traits or having memories of events they've never experienced, is being ignored.

There are many cases of people who were born blind and saw themselves and their environment for the first time during a near-death-experience . There's even a study regarding this phenomenon (17).
The cases in which patients were anesthetized for brain surgery so that there was no more brain activity noticeable, who afterwards told in detail about how the surgery went and what was being said in the operating-room, are legion. Such people often even knew what was being said in the corridor next to the operating-room and in the toilets.

In the fields of reincarnation (5), (6), (7), (18), (19), (20), (21), (22), (23) and heart transplants (24) astounding cases are there for the taking. But for the time being it remains deafeningly quiet on the side of science.

Collective consciousness

Apart from the individual consciousness that everyone has there's also a collective consciousness.


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