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Unsuspecting citizens mistake chemtrails for regular airplane tracks, but that's not what they are. They're chemical loads that are poured out above our heads by planes that have been specially equipped for this. The objective of these loads is to make the population ill and to inhibit their development. This operation is part of the illuminati's ambition to force back the world population to proportions they can control (approx 500 million). They're led by NATO, which, just as the UN, is an illuminati organisation.

Chemtrails can be recognised by the thick stripes they form in the sky. They don't dissolve within a few seconds, as normal exhaust fumes of planes (also called contrails) do, but slowly fan out. Since they are nearly always sprayed in a screen pattern by multiple planes, they can fill up a clear blue sky nearly entirely with a white veil within half an hour.

The typical screen pattern of chemtrails

  Not normal airplane stripes

Normal airplanes often fly approximately the same route every day, at the same times. Their contrails look like white smoke stripes, like the exhaust fumes of cars in cold air. Chemtrails, however, are often secreted in dense, sometimes lumpy, stripes. On spray days you'll see the most bizarre flights appear in the air (1), which sometimes include six or seven planes at the same time (2). Sometimes they fly parallel to each other, sometimes they make curves, or they suddenly stop producing a stripe or start making one.

Chemtrail debunkers claim that the chemtrails are simply frozen plane tracks, but they can't explain why normal planes flying through that same air at the same time don't leave any tracks at all. They also can't answer the question why this phenomenon has only been seen since halfway through the nineties and often can't be seen at all in thinly populated areas (sometimes with far colder air).

"With the jet engines of nowadays it's almost impossible to form a persistent contrail. You need unique atmospheric conditions for that. First, the airplane needs to be above 30,000 feet. The temperatures have to be below minus 40 degrees Celsius, and you have to have a relative air humidity of 67 percent. But that's hardly ever the case. So what you see today, with the whole spectrum from the horizon filled with contrails from planes flying at different altitudes, is impossible. That's science. So there must be another reason for it." - Willem Felderhof, former KLM pilot (3)

Sometimes they don't even bother anymore to hide what they're doing
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Sometimes they don't even bother anymore to hide what they're doing
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Sometimes they don't even bother anymore to hide what they're doing

Sometimes they don't even bother anymore to hide what they're doing

How it's done

Many airplanes are sent into the sky specifically for spraying chemtrails, for example from Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, USA. But there are also airplanes of which the pilots and the rest of the crew have no idea that they're spreading chemtrails. Sometimes they have an idea or they experience harmful effects of being so close to the poison, especially when incidents occur. But if they report it to their superiors, they often run into a wall (4).

Equipping and maintaining the pouring system in these planes is done by specially educated engineers (disguised as engineers of waste systems) at airports all over the world (5). They connect the pouring system to the exhausts of the planes, so the chemical load is secreted simultaneously to the normal exhaust fumes.

The Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio

The Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, point of departure for countless of spray flights

  A list of things to be found in chemtrails (6):
  • Heavy metals such as barium, aluminium, strontium, cadmium, titanium (7)
  • Viruses, bacteria, mould and mycoplasmas (which are related to the pathogenic kinds that are used in biowarfare)
  • Chemicals such as polymeric fibres, calcium chloride (CAC12), silver iodide (Agl) and ethylene dibromide (EDP) which was used as pesticide, among other uses, but is now prohibited because it's carcinogenic
Some of these chemicals have a consciousness-inhibiting effect on the brain (8).

Chemtrails are mostly poured out over the western world. In densely populated areas you can usually see chemtrails multiple days a week, in thinly populated areas only sporadically.

Chemtrails above the North Sea near the Dutch town Scheveningen

Apart from weakening the population, some sources claim that chemtrails are also meant to fill the atmosphere with particles that stop energies from space. These energies reach Earth in connection with the Ascension process and the illuminati will do anything to stop this. These programs are called "Solar Radiation Management" (9) or "Albedo Management" and 'officially' serve for countering the (non-existing) problem of global warming. This would explain why they sometimes also spray above sea, such as here near Scheveningen, Holland

"Why do you think your governments use chemtrails [...] to block the wonderful light energy that shines down on you from high above." - Montague Keen, channeled by Veronica Keen, 9 September 2012

  A much-heard argument of chemtrail deniers is that chemtrails can't make a distinction between the elite and the normal population on the ground, so the perpetrators would also hit themselves and their loved ones. This is correct, but the illuminati possess medication to protect them from most effects of chemtrails. Such as colloidal gold, and light and vibration machines which are kept away from mainstream medicine.

Besides, making sacrifices is part of the freemason/illuminati system. Not for nothing a ceremony takes place at the Bohemian Grove conference in California annually where the 'Cremation of Care' is depicted in the form of burning a baby.

Satellite photo of chemtrails above southeast America

Satellite photo of chemtrails above southeast America

  The result

What is the effect of all these spray actions? Hospitals filling up? People walking the streets like zombies? No, things aren't that bad. The result is only small. They're probably at their wits end by now at the NATO headquarters, because even in areas where the spraying frequency has been increased to nearly daily, hardly anyone becomes ill. And our consciousness is not stopped, but is developing itself at full speed.

How is this possible? We owe a lot to our friends from space. Because according to the Divine Plan it is not allowed for humanity to encounter global disasters in the build-up to the Ascension, the Galactic Federation has permission to intervene when necessary. Using their technology which is light-years ahead of ours, they can convert the noxious chemicals in chemtrails into precipitation which, at the worst, can leave you with a runny nose (10) and (11).

For many people in the western world it's still an odd idea that something like a loving God, who supervises to make sure the balance of life is maintained, truly exists. Let alone that there are highly developed extraterrestrial beings, who carry out this intention in practice. But for many native peoples all over the world, who are much closer to nature than we are, this is perfectly normal.

Spray plane

  We're waking up!

However, the extraterrestrial intervention is not the only reason for the failing chemtrails programme. Humanity is also working on a development process that can't be stopped by any chemical. The increasing Schumann frequency, the light that's sent to our planet from over the entire universe, the light workers that do their job all over the world...our collective consciousness is soaring and people are 'waking up' by the thousands (12).

This can especially be seen on the internet. Not merely on spiritual websites, but also on regular news sites. A few years ago reports of impending climate disasters and terrorist attacks were taken very seriously by most viewers, but now they're often laughed off in the replies. More and more people know all too well about the elite clique, conspiracies, etc.

Our friends in higher atmospheres urge us, for example via channelings, to greet the airplane stripes above us with feelings of forgiveness and love towards the pilots, instead of anger and hatred. In the end everyone has their own life lessons to learn, and we can't judge the actions of another.

There will be a day when the last chemtrail is drawn, and then karma will decide how things will be settled for everyone who was involved in this black operation.

Anti-chemtrail graffiti in London

Anti-chemtrail graffiti in London


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