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Channeling is a form of telepathic communication between humans and other entities, usually from higher dimensions. These beings could be spirits of deceased people, your Higher Self, alien beings, angels, spirits of nature, or even animals and pets.

A channeler can choose who or what he/she wishes to channel. Sometimes this happens on request of a third party, this is then usually called a reading. If the other party wants to communicate, then the connection is made and the channeling can begin.

How does it work?

The recipient usually doesn't have to go into a deep trance or surrender his body to the sender, to be able to channel. He concentrates himself only on the entity that's being channeled, and speaks out or writes down what comes through. The energy of the recipient and the sender have to be on the same level, to be able to establish a connection. If an entity from a higher dimension is being channeled, then the recipient will generally speaking have to raise his vibration and the sender will have to lower his frequency. The raising of your vibration happens by evoking feelings of gratitude, love and harmony, and clearing your mind of other thoughts.

There are also channelings in which the spirit of the medium takes a step aside. Through this the other energy gets the space to come inside and use the body for a certain period of time. This shift of energy can last seconds or minutes. People who see auras, can observe the shift.


If you want to channel yourself, it's recommended that you ask for protection from your guides and angels first, before you start. That's because there are beings in the fourth dimension that don't necessarily have the best interest of the channeler in mind, and in exceptional cases can even take possession of this person.

The universal Law of Non-Interference applies to your guardian angel as well, just like it does to extraterrestrials with respect to lower civilizations. This means that it is seen as an unwanted violation of free will if it were to decide to prevent certain entities from coming in, when the channeling person didn't specifically ask for that. If you ask for protection, it does have the ability.
It doesn't really matter who you ask for protection, some people call on a certain archangel or the "christed light" - what's important is that you make the request.

Unique information

The most frequent argument against channeling is that it is only the projection of the channeler that is passed on. So the message only contains his own ideas, whether they are conscious or subconscious. But in many channelings and readings (those of Edgar Cayce among others (1)) it has already been proven beyond any doubt that the channeler sometimes passes on things that he could never have known himself.

For those who know that telepathic communication is the most common form of communication in the universe channeling is a natural phenomenon.

Edgar Cayce with his wife Gertrude

Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945) with his wife Gertrude

On this website we mainly cite from channelings of Suzy Ward and Mike Quinsey (2). Suzy Ward (3) writes books and publishes monthly messages that her deceased son Matthew passes on to her from Heaven (Nirvana). Mike Quinsey (4) channeled an entity originating from the Sirius star system, called SaLuSa.

"It would seem quite natural that you are drawn to the messages of known Masters, but bear in mind they are to some extent only as good as the channel receiving them. The fact that sometimes they use a number of souls to get their messages out is quite normal, and in no way a sign of dubious channeling. You will however sometimes find a distinct difference in the style and language used by them, as it reflects their own interpretation of what is being given to them. Not every one is receiving the messages word for word, but through telepathic images or packages of thoughts. Find the sources that resonate with you, as each one carries energy with it that you will respond to. You could to some extent find the most popular and accepted sources, as usually it is their pure energy that attracts many people to them." - SaLuSa, channeled by Mike Quinsey, December 8, 2010


Other interesting links:
  • Jessica Woods interviews "The Nine" - Magenta Pixie - Direct Voice Channeling. Jessica Woods interviews the higher beings who channeler Magenta Pixie is in contact with, live through her. Interesting to see is that Magenta Pixie almost makes no eye movements during the channeling at all, while the eyes of someone who is fantasizing usually move and blink a lot.
    Also it's interesting to hear from the channeled entities that it's sometimes tricky for them to formulate the right answer, because their energy has to be converted into words by the channeler, while her vocabulary is limited. At the end of the interview in which the entities give an answer that involves quantum mechanics, Magenta Pixie doesn't get any further than "string theory". But this is immediately corrected by the entities, saying "This is not correct." (fragment on 38:24).
    Link no longer working? Maybe it's still somewhere else on YouTube

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