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Ascension [old page]

Ascensie / 2012
At this moment our Earth is in a process that's called "Ascension". That means that she's on her way to go to a higher dimension. This process takes place throughout the entire universe.

All life moves in cycles, comparable with the seasons on Earth. Each cycle has its own character, so that the Creator can experience itself in all possible ways. There are cycles of different durations, from a few thousand years to millions of years. Some of these cycles can be found on the Mayan calendar (1).


The date of December 21, 2012 forms the transition of several larger and smaller cycles at the same time. It's an extraordinary event, especially for us inhabitants of Earth. Because not only is the transition this time paired with a shift from the third to the fifth dimension, but Mother Earth also chose to do this together with as many of her inhabitants as possible.

That's unique in the universe, because usually a transition to another cycle is paired with a cleansing of the old world. That finds expression for example in the form of a turning Earth axis and destructive natural disasters, like happened with Atlantis. Most souls leave the planet with this, through departure or through death. In this way little remains of the old civilisation and a fresh start can be made. The souls that suit the new cycle can return again later. Others, like souls that haven't learned an important lesson yet, can proceed with their growth in the old dimension elsewhere in the cosmos.

The Earth gets help in this process from highly evolved alien civilisations, that also stimulate us as much as possible in our spiritual development. Because of this, our vibration is being raised to a level that is suitable for a life in the higher dimensions. This help wasn't planned, but took shape halfway through the last century, when the extraterrestrials just like Mother Earth herself were shocked by the speed with which mankind was busy destroying the planet. Especially the dropping of two nuclear bombs on Japan by the Americans, which sent a shock wave through the entire Milky Way. Also the plundering, polluting and wrecking of the planet through warfare, oil recovery and industrialisation, left deep marks on Gaia.

The Divine Plan

The living being that is our planet, realised that without help she might not even make it to Ascension. She sent out a call for help that was heard by God. Then God made a universal call, through all dimensions, to help us. This call was paid heed to en masse, since the helping of another being is regarded as the highest good in the universe.

A plan was thought up that would respect the Law of Non-Interference as much as possible. That plan consisted of, among other things, the sending of light to the Earth from many places in space, and the reincarnating of pure souls (without karma) into our population. These souls are very susceptible to the light, and they could subsequently spread that light further among the people. At the word "light" you shouldn't think about spotlights, but about love and knowledge. Because only a civilisation that respects these values, can make the jump to a higher dimension.

The Galactic Federation is guiding this process as much as possible behind the scenes. However, they're the guarantee that everything indeed will take place within the planned timeframe. Most people have no idea what the Galactic Federation is doing to protect us against the dark plans that the illuminati had, and still have, for mankind. They're keeping the oxygen level in our air up to the mark, preventing nuclear attacks and wars (2), cleaning up radioactive fall-out, eliminating (chemical) pollution, chemtrails and diseases, minimising the effects from natural disasters - man made or not, etc.

Souls that are especially incarnated for the spreading of love and knowledge on Earth, almost never get to hear this 'officially'. However, by following their heart and their guides,  this is often what they're doing. Such people are being called "lightworkers"

Souls that are especially incarnated for the spreading of love and knowledge on Earth, almost never get to hear this 'officially' . However, by following their heart and their guides, this is often what they're doing. Such people are being called "lightworkers"

Not everyone will come along

So the ascension of a planet together with her current inhabitants will be a unique event. However, not everyone that's alive now will witness this. Some people whose consciousness aren't high enough for an existence in a higher vibration, will pull out prematurely. For example this could be people who have lived more for themselves than for others, by pursueing power and posession without much care for their fellow human beings. Or people who have their whole life fanatically adhered to certain religious or scientific dogmas, without being open to the opinion of others. Such people will mostly decide to not come along yet to a higher dimension.

This decision is being made on soul level, not consciously. The soul judges itself, so no one will be punished and everything will be fair. Every deed, thought and intention that you've ever had, is recorded in the Akashic Records. That determines your vibration, your consciousness. A soul that hasn't yet evolved enough for a higher dimension, will choose a lower dimension by itself to continue its evolution.

Already scientists see strange things happening in our solar system, because Ascension takes place throughout the entire universe. Venus and Neptune are getting brighter, large formations of clouds are coming into existance on Mars, etc. (3), (4) en (5).

"2012 marks the end of a 26,000 year astrological period as recognized by the Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, Maoris and most of the ancient cultures. December 2012 is also the final end of the experiment of Atlantis. This took 10,000 years to set up, lasted for 240,000 years and is taking 10,000 years to tie up all the loose ends, so the 260,000 year experiment ends on 21.12.2012.

Then we start a double transformational shift as the planet and all on her, including humans, rapidly move towards ascension. This is the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth that there has ever been in the entire history of the planet and beings from all over the Universes are watching in awe at what is happening on Earth." - Spiritual author Diana Cooper

This crop circle was discovered on the 15th of July 2008 in a field at the mysterious place of Avebury in Wiltshire, Engeland. It refers to the date of the 23rd of December 2012 in our solar system. To the surprise of many it got a 'little tail'

This crop circle was discovered on the 15th of July 2008 in a field at the mysterious place of Avebury in Wiltshire, Engeland. It refers to the date of the 23rd of December 2012 in our solar system. To the surprise of many it got a little sequel a week later (6)

Everything will be different

The plan is that the Earth will go swiftly through the fourth dimension and then end up in the fifth dimension. That's a totally different world than the third dimension. There's no pollution there. There's no evil there. There's no time there, everything exists in the NOW. There's a feeling of happiness that's uncomparable to that on Earth. Everything moves at a much higher vibration. Everything is known, everyone is telepathic and has full consciousness. That means that all of your past lives and other aspects of your soul are known. With the power of your thoughts you can create things as you wish, like your home or your appearance.
Omnec Onec, a woman from Venus now living a life here on Earth, said that on Venus (in the fifth dimension) she had a tree growing in her bedroom, and had a waterfall in her living room (7).

Contact with alien civilisations, souls of deceased and other higher beings is something natural in the fifth dimension. The Galactic Federation has been busy with the preparation of this event on Earth for years, and has set up a world in the fifth dimension that's ready for the coming of so many new inhabitants at the same time (8).

The awakening of mankind is increasing more and more, through which our collective consciousness is growing. This finds expression in world-wide protests against the corrupt system, like the #Occupy movement

The awakening of mankind is increasing more and more, through which our collective consciousness is growing. This finds expression in world-wide protests against the corrupt system, like the #Occupy movement

  Shift happens

The actual transition of our planet to the fourth dimension happens in a split second. However, this can only take place according to the Divine Plan if the consciousness of a large part of mankind is high enough to experience this transition. Ascending is no problem for animals and children because of their naturally high vibration. But most adults have had so much fear talked into them by the system throughout the years, that their vibration is lowered too much. So, their consciousness has to be raised again, and this process has already been going on for decades. It has to be completed on the 21st of December 2012, when the Earth astrologically passes from the era of Pisces into the era of Aquarius. This has to do with the position of the axis of the planet, that makes a turning movement (precession) of about 26,000 years. Our planet also aligns then energetically with the sun and the central sun of the Milky Way.

Stars and central suns of galaxies function as service-hatches (stargates) of energy that comes from the central sun of the universe. Just like all planets and suns, this central sun is a conscious being, and the blueprint for all cycles and all life in the universe is being sent from there. This energy is already reaching us, and leads to all sorts of changes on our planet (9) and in our consciousness. But during the solstice on the 21st of December 2012 the sun and the Earth get the full impact of this energy. This will result in everything being raised to a higher level.

This will end up in a short period of total darkness, in which everyone will briefly be completely alone with oneself, with his or her Higher Self. This is a wonderful feeling, because on this level the love from which everything is made, and the full consciousness of everything that is, are being felt more intensely. It's probably best compared with a near death experience. Everyone will continue in the dimension that suits his or her own vibration after this change-over.

"The positive aspects of your Sun are many, and it acts as a conduit to channel the higher energies coming to you from outside of your solar system. It will play its most important part when there is a powerful alignment with the Central Sun of your Universe, and you know this as your Winter Solstice of 2012. It is the point at which a quantum leap forward takes place, and propels you into the higher dimensions. It will truly signal the end of your cycle in duality, and by then you will have been fully prepared for such an upliftment. It is what you have been excitedly waiting for, and will be the crowning glory of your present life." - SaLuSa, channeled by Mike Quinsey, July 28, 2010

Not without a hiss and a roar

It's certain that it will happen exactly on this day, because it concerns an ancient process that no man can change anything about. However, that doesn't mean that the Divine Plan has been executed precisely as it was planned. The Galactic Federation had to adjust the plan considerably in our changing society, because the resistance of the dark powers on Earth turned out to be much tougher than expected.
Matthew Ward, the spirit of a deceased boy that's being channeled by his mother Suzy, said that many souls that had chosen in their soul contract to make the switch from the illuminati to the Light during their life, didn't do this in reality (10). Because of this the power of the old guard existed much longer than was foreseen, although the awakening among the population did proceed undisturbed.

All that doesn't matter to the final result, because the decision whether to ascend or not is being made by everyone individually on soul level. So basically it's not even necessary to inform the whole of mankind in advance about this event. However, the Galactic Federation has stated in many channelings that the population of the world will indeed be informed before the big event takes place at the end of 2012. Whether it will be by our leaders, who have been aware of what's about to happen for a long time, or by the Galactic Federation themselves.

The famous Mayan calendar, that ends (and starts again) on the 21st of December, 2012

The famous Mayan calendar, that ends (and starts again) on the 21st of December, 2012. How did the Mayans know that the transition would take place exactly on that date? Just like the Egyptian glory days, the Mayan culture was all about their contact with aliens, who also created their stone structures. Space travelers are usually also time travelers, so the "news of the future" was probably already known then

"This date in late December marks the moment when your world passes through a special point in its travels through this galaxy. Your sun, like all the stars in this galaxy, rotates around the galactic core and transits various points along the way. These points can be calculated by a formula that was given to the ancient Olmec over six thousand years ago by visitors from the Pleiades." - The Sirians, channeled by Sheldan Nidle, September 25, 2012

  Confirmation from an unexpected side

The highest technology on Earth, apart from the alien activity on our planet, exists within the so called black ops projects. Those are the secret operations that the illuminati are occupied with, especially the Americans. One of those operations concerned a project known as "Project Looking Glass".

A device was developed for this that was able to make time lines visible. Not only in the past, but also in the future. It's said that the device looked like the machine that was built in the movie "Contact" from 1997 with Jodie Foster to create a portal, a sort of energetic gateway, to another planet (11). It was working well, you could literally see into the future with the device. And you could see what the consequences would be in the future when you made a certain choice. So this was being used for a number of secret operations and for their own profit.

There was only one problem. It turned out that the closer you got to the 21st of December 2012, the less it mattered what kind of choices you made. The consequences were always the same. On that date all time lines came together, and a very special event seemed to take place.

The illuminati were disgruntled about this phenomenon and tried to make provisions to change it. But no matter what they tried, the image was always the same. Frustrated by this development, "Project Looking Glass" was ended and the device was put away behind lock and key. They decided to happily proceed with their dark activities, as if they still had full control over everything. Nobody was ever to speak again about "Project Looking Glass", but luckily that didn't happen (12).

More black ops

This phenomenon had already been noticed before at another secret project, named the "Montauk Chair". Much high-quality technology that the illuminati have at their disposal, they've gained by researching the technology of crashed UFOs. Throughout history many different space crafts have crashed on our planet. Not from the Galactic Federation, but from other alien visitors, like the so called Greys. The crash near Roswell in 1947 (13) is a well known example of this. These crashed crafts are being kept away from the public and researched by scientists from the black ops circuit. They contain a wealth of information, although not everything is clear by far, because the technology of such a craft is often superior to their own knowledge.

During the Montauk Project, that predominantly took place in the seventies on Long Island near New York, they did discover that the chair of such a flying saucer plays a central role in the steering of it. That chair connects itself to the thoughts of the driver. So there's no steering-wheel present in the ship, the brains of the driver determine where the ship goes. That doesn't have to be in the present, you can also choose a point in the past or the future. You only need to think about it, and you're flying there.

They took the chair out of the UFO and tried to work with it. That succeeded to a certain degree. When someone with highly developed psychological abilities connected with the chair, a portal would appear in the room, through which one could travel to the desired point. They could also have interaction with that world, for example with the people there.

However, the drivers discovered that there was one moment in the future, that you couldn't fly to. When you focused on that, you didn't see a normal world around you, but you seemed to be in a sort of higher consciousness. You felt as One with the Universe, with atoms, with the source of everything, and a wonderful loving feeling would come over you. When you'd been there, you didn't want to go back to the present, you most desired to stay there forever. And that date was the 21st of December 2012 (14).

A normal world was seen again when someone focused on a moment after that date, but with one remarkable difference. That world namely turned out to be different for everyone who tried. So this is in accordance with what the channelings also tell us about Ascension, that is that everybody after this event will find himself back in a world that exactly matches their own vibration. It's a quantum event, in which the outcome is determined by the consciousness of the individual.

State of affairs

Almost all channelings confirm that the awakening of the population, and so the raising of our collective consciousness, is on track. The Galactic Federation compliments us for that, because as said, the resistance of the old system turned out to be much tougher than expected. Things didn't look that rosy at all around the year 2000. But the blossoming of the internet and the social networks, through which knowledge can rapidly be shared with each other, have caused a catch up. And now it can't go wrong anymore.

The spreading of knowledge is of essential importance, because somebody who knows how we are being manipulated by the elite, is no longer susceptible anymore to the fear they like to impress on you. Fear lowers your vibration, so whoever isn't afraid anymore and thinks positively, raises the vibration of our planet. Hence this website :)

"The Internet is far more important than you can imagine. It is the physical manifestation of the collective consciousness, therefore cannot be shut down." - Emmanuel, March 11, 2010

More and more people of all walks of life are gathering together online and offline (like here on Mount Baldy in California) to meditate/visualise for a better world

More and more people of all walks of life are gathering together online and offline (like here on Mount Baldy in California) to meditate/visualise for a better world


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