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About us

International Group
Almost every human being sometimes has questions that are hard to find an answer to, in the mainstream media. What's the meaning of life? Why do our rulers act the way they do, and why does everything always seem to evolve around money and conflicts? Does God exist, and if so, why is there so much misery in the world? And if he doesn't exist, then why is life, the universe, nature and things like DNA constructed in such a fantastic manner? Is it all just a coincidence? What's the thing with near-death-experiences exactly? And with UFO's? And with conspiracy theories?

If you take the time to search for answers to these kind of questions, one often discovers that "the prevailing opinion", the line that is promoted by governments, science and most media, probably isn't exactly right. The image that comes to mind is that the truth might be different than what they say. But...how exactly? Where can you find information about that, if everything in our society seems designed to support that "prevailing opinion"?

Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of sources outside the mainstream media where you can find good information, especially since the rise of the internet. In countries like India, Tibet and among indigenous people all over the world, one can find information that is virtually unknown in the Western World. Just like in ancient texts from Sumer, for instance. Besides that, through the years many people have published information that was almost completely ignored by the media. Like for example whistleblowers from the 'black ops' community (secret operations by the government), modern scientists, people with near-death-experiences, mediums who can communicate with extraterrestrials or spirits of deceased people, and hypnotherapists.

We are an international group of researchers that isn't hampered by dogmas or professional deformation. We don't have a name and our only tool is common sense. We come from all kinds of backgrounds (from doctors to teachers and from translators to artistic painters) with as our main shared characteristic that we're curious and open-minded. We just ran into each other on the web, because we share the same passion: discovering the truth. And, once the truth has been found, of course also spreading it, in as many ways and languages as we can.

We made a year long study of all the above mentioned sources. Just like many others who found out that you'd better turn off your tv and cancel your newspaper if you really want to learn something, we came to the conclusion that the picture that's painted by the media, is completely wrong. The truth about our world and everything around it, turns out to form one big puzzle that fits together beautifully. There simply are no questions that "nobody knows the answer to". That ready-made puzzle is what we try to present on this site.

Lose that tv!

We know very well that our knowledge isn't all-encompassing, the picture is still far from complete. The art of laying a largely invisible puzzle isn't an easy one. Some pieces may be in the wrong place, or still missing. But the image that the puzzle represents, is already crystal clear. And the picture fits.

We're convinced that some day, beautiful history books will be written in which all the facts are put down 100% correctly. If you like, you can regard this website as a first version of those. We will keep improving this site, that's never finished.

The Greater Picture

Thank You!

We're very grateful to Jos, Anita, Gertjan, Deborah, Geraldine (Write Away), Kim (Fawkis Vertalingen), Alfred, Jeroen, Shanti, Neill and Ellen for their help in translating the original Dutch website in English. Also a big "Thank You!" goes out to Joan, who completely reviewed the site for us in English. Thanks so much, everybody!!

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